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iOS 15 will kill your email open rate metrics...

The beta versions of iOS 15 is now rolling out to developers and public risk-takers. For email marketers, it's time to start bracing for changes that will be felt when iOS 15 is launched this fall.

iPhone and iPad users who use Apple's Mail app account for 55% of viewed emails. The new iOS will strengthen the platforms promise of privacy for users but that privacy means the effective end of tracking open rates on emails delivered to iOS devices. This isn't the end of the world but it is the end of a significant data point marketers use to track trends in engagement.

Our friends at Data Driven came up with 5 suggestions for life after iOS 15 launches:

  • Build a quality list: The easiest way to set yourself up for success is by building a quality list. Find the people who are most interested in your product and service and focus your energy there. If you’ve got a list full of people who couldn’t care less you’re on a fast track to being marked as spam.

  • Make your emails mobile-friendly: One of the best things you can do to improve your email campaign is to make your emails mobile-friendly. Everyone is using mobile devices these days, and 47% of all people use a mobile app for their email, so optimizing your emails to be opened on mobile devices is key. I know it’s obvious but it’s still being overlooked.

  • Consider text-only emails: Another big thing you can do is to focus on using text over images in your email campaign. Even though images may look nice, most email clients block them automatically, so you’re not getting any bang for your buck. Instead, your recipients often see broken links, which can turn them off. Go with plain text and links to your content to keep things clean and running smoothly. More importantly, sticking with text only can help you stay out of the promotions tab.

  • Send your email from a real person: If you have “no-reply” in your email subject line, this can spell doom for you. People open emails based on who sent them. Have your emails come from a marketing team member to make the message more intimate, and tell your users how they can reply.

  • Optimize your subject line: You don’t have to sell in the subject line, instead focus on starting the conversation. Selling too hard in the subject line can also be a one way ticket to the promotions tab.


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