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Is your smart phone battery draining fast? Facebook might be the culprit

Negative testing, a practice where tech companies intentionally run down the battery on users' smartphones to test features, is a concerning issue that was brought to light by a former Facebook employee, George Hayward. Hayward was fired from his job at Meta, Facebook's parent company, for refusing to participate in the negative testing. He filed a lawsuit against the company, claiming that the practice of negative testing puts people's lives at risk, especially in emergency situations where they need to communicate with others. However, the suit was withdrawn due to Meta's terms of employment that forced Hayward to argue his case in arbitration. The lawyer representing Hayward called the practice "clearly illegal" and "enraging". The story highlights the need for users to be aware of the potential dangers associated with using social media apps, such as Facebook Messenger, and to protect their devices from harm


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