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These are unprecedented times and through all the uncertainty, we know for certain that online…

... sales are up and we’re here to help you capture new customers. It’s the time to audit your online advertising and co-op efforts, re-imagine your agency contracts, and use analytics to make better decisions.

What’s an audit and why do you need one now?

We know these are uncertain times but we can say with certainty that it’s time to audit and refine your online advertising efforts. We’re offering Google Ads Audit as well as audits in Google Analytics, Amazon Ads, Social Media Ads, Bing, AdRoll, and all things online advertising. Whether you’re managing your campaigns internally, or they’re being managed by an agency, we know there may come a time where you’re just not satisfied with the results you’re getting compared to what you’re spending. Let’s pull back the covers and see what’s really going on so you can improve your ROI. And as always, we’ll train you and your team along the way.

Google Ads Audit

With a Google Ads audit, we can help diagnose what the problems and opportunities are with your current campaigns and start you on the path towards getting the maximum return on investment. We can also look at how Covid is affecting your visitor and ad performance and offer suggestions on how to update your campaigns. According to the New York Times, people have been using social media to connect and stay informed during Covid with Facebook seeing a 27% increase in visitors and YouTube seeing a 15% increase. Items of our Google Ads Audit.

  • Overall account performance check

  • Relevance of keywords and search terms you’re bidding on

  • Match-type of keywords

  • A/B testing of ad copy

  • Structure of ad groups

  • Settings, audiences, and bid strategies

  • Google Analytics relationship (is your website talking to Google Analytics correctly)

  • Whether or not conversion tracking is being used for optimization and maximum ROI

  • Anything else we observe that’s notable

  • Google has set out some guidelines and resources for maintaining your Google Ad Campaigns during Covid that may be affecting how your ads are serving and how your ads are being approved.

Items of our Google Analytics Audit

  • Creating new views for each Google Analytics account with top 20 goals/conversions with weighted ranking

  • Audit all sites for speed & mobile issues

  • Audit sites for all 3rd party code, Facebook and other social pixels, Google Analytics (UA & GA4) accounts, Google Search Console, and Google Tag Manager accounts.

  • Look into or set up Google Search Console for each website & connecting with Google Analytics

  • Use Search Console to identify any SEO or indexing issues

  • Review all Google My Business listings

  • Connect Google My Business with Google Analytics

Items of our Facebook Ads Audit

  • Overall account performance

  • Settings, audiences, and bid strategies

  • Whether or not conversion tracking is being used for optimization and maximum ROI

  • Content & creative recommendations

  • Anything else we observe that’s notable

If we find that any of your accounts could use improvement, we’ll send you a report and set up a time to go over the results in detail. We’re available to assist you with optimization and offer training for you or your team in all things digital marketing.


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